Saturday, 8 August 2009

Rush and Beck killed Cronkite

We're in a civil war. The other team is launching physical assaults, threats of gun violence, intimidation, shooting abortion doctors, lynching liberals in effigy, joking about murdering liberals, buying more and more guns, going on TV deliberately inciting violence, goon squads cruising around looking for liberals to attack....This ain't no tea party, it's war, real war, with real guns, real violence, real threats, real assaults, real intimidation.

Add to that all the GOP agitprop we've been hearing for months, that Obama the evil Kenyan Muslim wants to kill Palin's baby, kill Ted Kennedy, kill your grandmother, kill all insurance companies, kill unborn babies, kill thousands via “death panels”, incite riots, tax us into the Stone Age, impose Communism, stop all innovation, the teabag attacks are spontaneous instead of corporate-sponsored, blah blah blah.

Not long ago Obama put on a brilliant press conference, spending an hour shooting down all the GOP lies regarding health care, a pivotal moment in the debate. And what did the media report on, for weeks?

OMG, Obama said the cop acted stupidly!

OMG! Race! Crime! Black! White! Drama! Beer summit! Obama’s drinking the wrong beer!

A civil war is happening right out on the streets, right outside those beautiful glass-enclosed network newsrooms, and the media are covering Beer-Gate, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul…

Now we know what killed Cronkite. He got so fed up with the assclown stupidity of his successors, their total failure to expose the truth about our health care battle, their open connivance in the spreading of falsehood…that he offed himself.

Handful of Nembutal, goodbye.

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