Wednesday, 12 August 2009

media skews the health debate by focusing on "fireworks"

One MSNBC commentator complained that the Obama town hall didn't have enough fireworks.

One guy who did provide fireworks, the guy who showed up at the town hall with a gun, got positive feedback from Chris Matthews, in the form of national airtime to spew his views.

Meanwhile we learned that CNBC went to the town halls with the specific aim of seeking out angry wingnuts.

As the old adage says -- if you want an audience, start a fight. Or, if it bleeds, it leads.

Our media establishment has forgotten that they're in the news business, not the entertainment business. Their job is to give us the relevant information we need to make good decisions as informed citizens, not to seek out pathetic wingnut attention junkies dressed up like Dolly Madison just because he/she/it looks neat-o on TV.

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