Sunday, 9 August 2009

GOP: street thugs working for insurance mafiosi

Take a good look at the insurance industry’s zillion dollar campaign of lies and attacks against health reform, the death threats and goon squads intended to silence their enemies, the blatant bribery of members of Congress to water down health reform under the pretense of bipartisanship (all of which the media has tragically failed to expose to the American people).

So, bribes to your friends, threats and violence to your enemies, and lies and scare tactics for everyone else. All to protect a criminal enterprise that steals $600 billion from us every year.

How is the insurance industry distinguishable from a Mafia family?

It’s bigger and more successful, and the goombahs who run it have nicer suits and fewer vowels in their names. That’s pretty much it. Other than that, the insurance industry is simply an organized crime “family” like the Gambinos or the Genoveses.

And the Republican politicians have been demoted to street thugs working for the bosses.

Break heads when the bosses tell ya to, take the bribes and vote like the bosses tell ya to, scare innocent people when the bosses tell ya to.

But we already know that the Republicans were thugs anyway.

And next year these criminals want to take over Congress, and then put the Head Thug in the Oval Office in 2012.

Whee! Can’t wait!

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