Sunday, 9 August 2009

Gingrich keeps up the "death panel" attack

Hmm...Maybe Newt plans to fight Palin for the wingnut vote in the 2012 primaries??

This is what passes for an "elder statesman" in today's GOP.

**UPDATE** -- Glen Beck also backs up Palin on the "death panel" claim.

**UPDATE** -- And now it turns out that the scary end-of-life stuff was inserted into the health bill by a Republican Senator. Sabotage, perhaps?

**UPDATE** -- And now a wingnut protester is taking his entire bogus case to, you guessed it, Fox News: OMG, Obama wants to kill us!

**UPDATE** -- Now Neil Cavuto and Sen. John Isakson are finally pushing back on the "death panel" talk, pointing out how crazy it is.

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