Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bob Cesca on the media's failure in the health reform battle

Bob Cesca says it all:

I just heard Erin Billings from Roll Call say on MSNBC, "The Republicans have been pretty good at winning the message war."

Winning the message war?

Is Billings suggesting that flagrantly lying about healthcare means "winning?" The Republican message has been that healthcare reform will kill your granny, abort your unborn children, turn Medicare into a government program (?), and strangle Sarah Palin's boy.

The press has a responsibility to debunk these lies as they come down. And they absolutely should not be suggesting that lying equals winning. If Billings wanted to appease her "politics as sports" masters, she might've shown a little integrity by saying, "The Republicans are winning the crazy war. Mainly because everything they're saying about healthcare reform has been wrong and easily debunked."

But that would be too honest.

As I've said before, it's going to be harder for the Democrats to shoot down the GOP lies on health care, if the media don't do their jobs.

Of course, another question is -- how many people are getting their information from the media these days?

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