Sunday 13 September 2009

Wingnuts launch another campaign of lies about health reform

The wingnuts are starting a new internet campaign, spreading a whole new raft of lies about health reform, lies intended to scare stupid people. Here’s an abbreviated list of their bogus claims:

Obamacare will allow a government committee to decide which treatments you can have;
Allow a health choice commissioner to decide what your benefits are, and you have no say whatsoever;
Give free health care to illegals;
Force the establishment of a “linguistic infrastructure” for translations (i.e. to treat illegals);
Restrict enrolment of special needs patients;
Give many payoffs to ACORN;
Demand audits of all self-insured employers;
Ration health care;
Demand that everyone be issued with a national ID card;
Give government bureaucrats access to all citizens’ personal and financial records;
Give the federal government real-time access to all individual bank accounts for funds transfers;
Demand that taxpayers pay for all union retiree health plans;
Demand that taxpayers pay for all “community organizer” health plans;
Forcibly enroll Medicare-eligible patients in the public option;
Forcibly enroll employees in the public option;
Ban all suits against the government regarding “price-fixing” or a “government monopoly”;
Set doctor’s wages;
Force employers to pay for health care for both part-timers and their families;
Force employers to pay a penalty for not offering the public option;
Force taxpayers to pay for illegal aliens;
Rename health care taxes as something other than “taxes”;
Cut doctor services for Medicaid, especially for seniors and the poor;
Force all doctors to be paid the same;
Allow government to set the price for a doctor’s time;
Allow government to control productivity for private health firms;
Regulate power wheelchairs;
Ration care for cancer patients;
Punish doctors and hospitals when government decides a readmission was preventable;
Ban doctors from investing in health firms;
Ban hospital expansion without government approval and/or payoffs for ACORN;
Ration care based on outcome;
Increase bureaucracy;
Give instruction regarding living wills, locking in estate taxes ahead of time;
Guide patients into death;
Dictate how your life will end;
Dictate what care you get an end of life;
Enable government intrusion into your marriage;
Ration mental services.

All of which have been debunked already.

As any parent can tell you, when a child tells one lie to cover up bad behaviour, it can be hard to catch them. But when they tell a whole lot of different lies all at once….it’s time to get up and find out which lamp they broke. And now we’re up to dozens of lies by the conservatives, on health reform.

They’re wrong, and they know they’re wrong. And so does everybody in the United States, except the few denizens of Planet Wingnut.

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