Wednesday 23 September 2009

The GOP lies on Medicare

The GOP’s current smear campaign pertains to alleged cuts in Medicare benefits. Yet again: Medicare benefits will not be cut. Even the AARP, always sensitive to the fears of consumers, said the total Medicare spending will only go down 3 percent, and the insurers have agreed to accept reduced payments to them. Second, as Obama addresses the inefficiencies on Medicare, they may not even need to do the 3 percent reductions in payments – and again, that’s cutting payments to the insurers, not cutting the actual coverage for the seniors. Third, the CBO pointed out that existing law guarantees that every Medicare beneficiary receives the same basic services. Fourth, Senator Nelson, in an excess of caution, wants to fix the imaginary problem with an amendment that would cost only $4 billion a year, but again, for the reasons stated above, it’s not even necessary, except perhaps for political reasons.

In other words, the Republicans are trying to scare seniors with lies.

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