Wednesday 23 September 2009

Another rightwing terrorist attack

The wingnuts just lynched a census worker in Kentucky and scrawled “Fed” on his chest. This is the fourth fatal rightwing terrorist attack in the last few months. The two murder sprees in Pennsylvania, the killing of Dr. Tiller, and now this. Plus the teabag/townhall attacks, threats, armed loons showing up at Obama events and menacing Democratic members of Congress, preachers are out there leading prayers for the death of Obama, lone wolves, “militia” men, Klansmen, skinheads, neo-Nazis, all fondling their…weapons. The media covers these things in a perfunctory way, and then yawns and moves on (just as the media has categorically failed to shoot down the endless series of GOP lies and attacks). But eventually there will be an attack by a lunatic, which the media finally will not be able to ignore. And finally the American dialogue on politics will openly address the central issue – that the Republican party is not only condoning political lunacy and dangerous behaviour, but allowing the worst wingnuts to control the direction of the party.

So where is Intrade on all this? Where is the Lone Wolf Pool? Where will the big attack be, the one that finally makes America sit up and take notice?

The short odds on when it will happen: 4-1 on next August when the loons come out again.
Short odds on target: 4-1 on Democratic congressman, innocent bystander, abortion doctor or policeman.
Shortest odds for region: even money on the South.
Shortest odds on the claimed motivation: 5-1 on either the birth certificate or illegal aliens (that’s claimed motivation – the real motivation is, of course, having a black President).
Method: even money on gun attack.
Even money on the perpetrator being a dittohead.
Even money on the proposition of more tattoos than teeth.
12 to 1 that that the Republican party will exploit the murder for political purposes, and blame the Democrats for it.

Maybe if we turn this into a stupid fucking game, the media will take notice. Maybe they’ll even make a game show about it. Those guys who made the “Network” movie 30 years ago were laughed at for predicting that TV news would turn into a pathetic game show, but look at stuff like Fox and Inside Edition: maybe they were actually lowballing it.

Or instead of a game show, a reality show, just following around the wingnuts and listening to all their wingnuttery. Since the media won’t make the effort to really hold the mirror up to these folks, maybe some sleazy Jerry Springer wannabe can git er done.

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