Monday 21 September 2009

The invasion of New England

A Republican Congressman from Rhode Island, Ivan Marte, just quit his party in disgust over the Joe Wilson nonsense. Of course it could have been anything: a Republican looking for reasons to quit his party wouldn’t need to look too far.

But let’s look about 100 miles to the north of Providence.

I’m thinking that Snowe and Collins seriously could switch parties next year. They would still be able to pursue their moderate/conservative policies in the Democratic party – God knows we’ve proved this year that the Democratic party allows dissent. And they could vote their consciences without worrying about Mitch McConnell and the Republicans threatening to waterboard them with gasoline if they “betray” the party. These two women – Collins particularly – are all about policy, not party. Obama has been courting Snowe heavily, while her own party is publicly beating her up; as a result she has publicly praised Obama and criticized her own party.

And she and Collins come from the blue state anyway.

Snowe said she’s rather try to fix the GOP than leave it, but she sounds like an abused wife who is one beating away from getting a TRO and a lawyer.

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