Saturday 12 September 2009

The conservatives have no leaders

The article attached leads us to some observations.

First, the obvious one -- the wingnuts really are nuts.

Second, the conservatives have no leader. Also pretty obvious -- the fact that the GOP seriously considers hoopleheads like Palin and Jindal as presidential timber, people who in the real world would have trouble handling a middle-management job, shows that they really did succeed in chasing everyone with a 3-digit IQ out of the Big Tent years ago.

Third, the guy in the article said they don't need a leader until after 2010. Suggesting that they don't expect to find one any time soon. And considering the current range of potential choices, I'm not surprised.

And that's the problem. Because political leaders don't just pop up out of nowhere.

Bush 43 was elected governor twice before he ran for President; almost all the presidents before him had been national names for years before getting the top job (the exceptions being Carter and Hoover -- eek!). Even Obama was a national name after his 2004 convention speech. Generally when an unknown is thrust into the national spotlight, we have a mess like Ferraro or Quayle or Palin.

So who do the Republicans run in 2012? Someone we know and despise like Romney or Palin? Or someone from even deeper in the unknown backwoods of swamp-head wingnuttery? Considering that the popularity of the GOP outside the South is in the single digits, how do they get any electoral votes outside the South?

Do these drooling idiots really believe that another Reagan is going to come riding into town like Shane and save us all from the scary Negro?

Don't you want to see the looks on their faces when they finally realize that their nightmare is really true and is really not going to go away when they wake up?

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