Saturday 26 September 2009

Support for GOP outside the South: 10.3 percent

After an entire summer of attacks against Democrats and health reform, their support outside Planet Wingnut is 10 percent.

Support among the independents they've been trying to win over: 9 percent.

Support among the Latinos they need, particularly out west: 7 percent.

Support among the seniors they've been trying to frighten: 18 percent.

All that effort all year -- after throwing every weapon, every bullet, every attack at the Democrats, the exhaustive effort to launch all those tea parties, the town hall attacks, the millions of dollars worth of attack ads, the bitter, vicious fighting on Capitol Hill, the incessant visits by rightwing Senators on the Sunday chat shows, the unprecedented campaign of veiled racism (ACORN! ACORN! ACORN!), the endless internet smear campaigns, the thousands of hours spent by Rush and Sean and Beck and Malkin and Bachmann to smear Democrats on the airwaves...after all that, they're at 10 percent.

And Obama's at 54.
Outside the South, where they will always hate him anyway, Obama's at 66.

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