Saturday 12 September 2009

OMG Obama’s a socialist!

Lots of “Obama = socialist” signs at the teeeeeny little teabagger hootenanny today.

So…this new potential government effort by Obama is socialism, right? All government equals socialism, correct?

Let’s follow the “logic” of the wingnuts to its logical conclusion.

The soldiers who beat Hitler and Saddam? Patton, Bradley? Socialists, living off the government payroll.
The sailors who beat Tojo? Bull Halsey, Spruance? Socialists sucking at the federal teat.
The 50,000 soldiers who died to defeat socialism in Vietnam? Socialists.
The FBI guys who caught the 1993 WTC bombers and the Oklahoma bomber? Socialists feeding from the public trough.
The guys who build our highways so we don’t starve? More socialists.
Our police and firefighters who gave their lives on 911? Socialists.
Our teachers? Socialists.
The astronauts who walked on the moon? Neil Armstrong? Socialists.
The Coast Guard guys who save lives every day? Socialists.
The Medicare and VA people who keep us alive and well? Socialists.
The Amtrak guys who brought all those wingnut protesters to DC? Socialists.
The regulators who protect our kids from being killed by unsafe products and air and water? Socialists.
The CIA guys who hunt terrorists? Socialists.
The SEC guys who prevent white-collar crooks from stealing our money? Socialists.
The meteorologists and FEMA guys who save thousands of lives during hurricanes? Socialists.
The SBA people who make it possible for small businessmen to survive? Socialists.
The FHA folks who help put roofs over our heads? Socialists.

Not all government is socialism, and not all government is evil. And every sane person above the age of 10 knows that.

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