Wednesday 9 September 2009

White House already working talking points

The short version:

After tonight everyone will know how Obama defines real reform: stability and security for the insured, coverage for the uninsured, and bending the curve on unsustainable increases in health costs; no one is denied coverage if they get sick, and everyone has access to affordable coverage. For liberals who will slash their wrists if they don’t get everything they want, he will remind them how far we’ve come -- we will soon see all five committees with bills, which agree on 80 percent of the content; now we’re in a new phase when all the strands are pulled together. And for the Republicans: Obama’s plan will include Republican proposals, so Republicans should support them if they’re serious. Opponents must propose a plan or defend the do-nothing strategy, which is not an option; it is the do-nothing crowd which is spreading all the lies -- Palin, for one, is peddling lies and fear.

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