Friday 7 May 2010

the wingnuts want to surender their freedoms to...Hillary Clinton

Joe Lieberman’s proposal to strip the U.S. citizenship of anyone who is even accused of supporting with a terrorist group, without any due process, is so clearly unconstitutional that both Democrats and Republicans alike have ridiculed it.

But there is a small, admittedly irresponsible part of me that wants this law passed.

The rightwing yahoos, the most wild-eyed wingnuts, love this plan. “You ain’t a real Umurkin anymore, Abu, hit the trail!!”

But they don’t realize that a key provision in the law gives overwhelming police power to the all-time hero of the American wingnut community…Hillary Clinton.

The law prescribes that the Secretary of State has power that is incredibly broad, pardon the expression: the power to decide who should lose their citizenship, and then execute the decision. All Hillary needs to do is make a “determination” and send a letter to the Attorney General, and poof! You’re no longer a citizen.

So the wingnuts are hollering to win passage of a law which will give their worst (imaginary) enemy the power to take away their citizenship, and also supporting other bills which would strip non-citizens of virtually all of the freedoms we take for granted – like the Arizona law, and others under consideration in places like Texas.

So put the pieces together. Hillary declares that a local Texas yahoo militia is a terrorist group, and that its members are no longer citizens. And then the Texas police act on their new-found police powers to arrest the militia members on the street without probable cause and throw them in jail, indefinitely, even if no crime is committed.

Cue scary music!

Cue conspiracy theories!

Cue black helicopters!

And the lesson here, you fascist morons, is two-fold: (a) if you tell lawmakers to take away freedom from others, then you lose your freedom as well, particularly when (b) your rock-throwing, gun-waving behavor makes you look like – what’s the word? Terrorists. Acting like terrorists, and calling for terrorists to be thrown in a cell without trial, all at the same time – it’s a kinda stupid strategy. Giving wingnut nemesis Hillary Clinton the power to take your freedom away, just makes it stupid and funny at the same time.

And for bonus points, did anybody spot the historical irony in this story? Lieberman is getting his ideas about stripping citizenship from undesireables from…that’s right, the Third Reich. Who meted this treatment out to…that’s right, the Jews.

Oh, and a side-note: did you notice that John Boehner actually did the responsible thing, in shooting down Lieberman? That’s because the Republicans are starting to believe their own bullcrap: they really believe they can take the House, so Boehner is starting to act “Speaker-like”.

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