Sunday 23 May 2010

Video of cop-killing teabagger: break the IRS girl’s legs!

As we’ve heard from the news, two anti-government terrorists with links to white supremacist groups just murdered two policemen with an AK-47 during a routine traffic stop in Arkansas.

The two terrorists were Jerry Kane and his son. Kane had a long police record based on many run-ins with the law, due largely to his belief that all governmental activity is illegal and no federal or local authority has any power over him. When he was sent to jail for driving without a license and refusing to identify himself, he complained about the “Nazi checkpoint” and lamented that the police had told him to either produce his papers or go to jail – which is wildly ironic since his fellow wingnuts want to impose that very standard on Latinos in Arizona. He promised to sue one arresting officer for kidnapping and extortion, and then did a “background check” on the cop to learn his address and his wife’s name; on the radio he promised to show up at the cop’s house and present an “invoice” for $80,000, presumably backing up his demand with a weapon. When a judge sentenced him to community service, he claimed the judge was “enslaving” him and demanded that he be paid $100,000 per day.

Kane financed his existence the way a number of teabaggers do, by giving seminars on “debt elimination” which are illegal scams – telling people they never have to repay their credit cards or even their mortgage, because the lenders are engaging in “mortgage fraud”.

There is a videotape of one of these seminars, in which Kane essentially tells the audience that people who are legally coming to demand money, like IRS investigators, are criminals who must be attacked violently. A local IRS agent was described as a “stalker” whereupon Kane told the audience to hunt her down and beat her with a baseball bat.

Kane says “I don’t want to kill anybody but if they keep messing with me that’s what it’s going to come down to. And if I have to kill one, then I’m not going to be able to stop. I just know it. I mean I have an addictive personality…They’re criminals, it’s time to conquer. Find out where she [the IRS agent] goes and hangs out, get a bunch of friends together, and beat her ass, break her fucking legs….I’m not advocating violence, I’m advocating ‘conquering’. It’s not violence....You can aim for the head, she’s probably wearing a bulletproof vest….” He also talks about killing the enemy’s babies and their wives, like Joshua did in the Bible.

The audience clearly agreed with him, insisting that even if a policeman has a badge, that isn’t enough -- “show me your delegation of authority.” Another said “they drew first blood, you are self-defending.”

Neatly enough, other terrorists are doing the same thing, resorting to crime to support their aims. Al-Qa’ida elements use kidnapping and extortion to generate revenue.

Police warned that this teabagger could be dangerous to the police. And they proved to be right. And according to the SPLC, the number of these groups as skyrocketed since we got ourselves a black president.

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