Thursday 20 May 2010

GOP hypocrisy in the desert

Arizona drafts a Nazi-like immigration law; Los Angeles calls for a boycott of Arizona. And now?

A utility commissioner in Arizona has sent a letter to LA’s mayor, threatening to cut off the electricity from Los Angeles, to retaliate for the boycott. A lot of LA’s power runs through Arizona.

Arizona has set up a PR task force to repair its image, but short of repealing the law, what do they do?

And the threat itself isn’t the most outrageous part.

The most outrageous part is that these white, ultra-right-wing whack jobs who are screeching “HOW DARE THEY BOYCOTT US??” are the same tobacky-chewing country-western yahoos who screamed “BOYCOTT THE DIXIE CHICKS! IT’S OUR INALIENABLE RIGHT! FREE SPEECH! YEE HAW!” seven years ago.

Back then, you see, boycotts were just hunky-dory for the wingnuts.

Now, of course, they are on the opposite end of the shotgun. And suddenly they think it’s a bad idea.

Just like all schoolyard bullies prefer beating people up to getting beat up themselves.

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