Sunday 30 May 2010

So who has the momentum for the midterms?

Obama has already passed health care reform.

Financial reform? Polls show the American people want it, so Obama wins either by passing it, or by pounding on the Republicans for blocking it; the Republicans also blocked unemployment benefits repeatedly, and tried to kill a number of jobs bills.

Immigration reform? Polls say America wants it, Obama has a bill, Republicans are blocking it. Again, he wins either way. The Arizona law is the gift that keeps on giving for Obama – that, and he deployed troops to the border, and caught and deported more illegals than Bush.

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Polls support repeal, Obama has a bill, the Republicans can either lose by fighting it or lose by letting it pass.

Elena Kagan? Again, Obama can’t lose. 2-0 in Court nominees.

Energy legislation? With BP destroying the state of Louisiana, Obama could get that too, particularly since the Bush-era regulators helped make the spill happen. He has Republicans jumping all over the place, actually hollering for more government action and condemning the corporate villain while simultaneously trying to cap BP’s liability, so it’s a double-win for Obama.

Scandals and stupid stuff? How about Rand Paul’s 7-8-9 explanations of his stance on Jim Crow laws, the Chicken Lady, Jan Brewer and the entire Arizona government, Mark Souder making an abstinence video with his mistress, the cop-killing teabagger, Bob McDonnell the friend of blacks and gays, Nikki Haley doing the nasty with a blogger, Michael Steele the gaffe machine, desperate candidates trying to dash to the right to fend off the teabaggers and then dash left to grab the independents, Tim “I found the Ark of the Covenant” D’Annunzio being ridiculed by his own party, Vaughn Ward stealing Obama’s speeches, primary opponents like McCain and Hayworth tearing each other’s throats out (we never declared war on Hitler!), the Westboro hatemongers, teabaggers sending death threats to Democrats, Palin’s repeated grand-mal seizures of cluelessness, Glenn and Rush…?

Boys and girls, there’s your leadership A-team! And most of that was just in the last month or so!

Republican ideas? In 1994 they won with Contract With America, but this time they have tried three times to launch their own manifesto of ideas, and each time they ended up mumbling…”hey, you voters, do you have any ideas we could use?” And one of the three efforts was funded by…taxpayers! The idea bag is empty.

So rolling into November, the Obama scorecard could read health care, financial reform, DADT, two Supreme Court justices, immigration reform, energy legislation, and bunch of smaller stuff. While the Republicans wallow in their own mistakes and intellectual vacuousness. And of course, vote suppression.

The Republicans have thrown the whole kitchen sink at Obama. Their bag of tricks is empty. What more can they come up with, to regain the momentum?

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