Sunday 9 May 2010

Arizona declares war on the same people they stole the land from

Two things you forgot about Arizona!

We just learned that the Senate asked the Republican governor of Arizona to delay implementation of their “papers please” policy until next year, to give Congress a chance to do what the Republicans claim they want done – immigration reform. The governor told the Senate to pound sand. This makes it even more likely that Congress will try to tackle the problem this year.

So as Congress takes this on, I want to remind you of two things you forgot.

First, the Republicans know that when all those aliens get citizenship, they will vote. And they will vote in gigantic numbers for the party that got them the vote: the Democrats. So when they get down to the nut-cutting, the Republican party leadership will put out the word: KILL THIS BILL AT ALL COSTS.

Second, and this is the big one: we stole Arizona from the Mexicans. The United States had no legal claim whatsoever to Arizona, but we just sent our soldiers and grabbed it from the Mexicans. Even Abraham Lincoln, who expended hundreds of thousands of lives to nail down possession of disputed real estate, thought the land grab from the Mexicans was bogus, based on fraudulent claims of warlike acts by the enemy (sound familiar?). After the white folks ripped off the brown folks, they also attacked the red folks and put them in “reservations”, which in other countries are called “concentration camps”. So the Arizona land that the white folks are so bitterly defending from the brown folks…is the same land they stole from the brown folks in the first place.


Unknown said...

Except for the fact that the brown folks it was stolen from didn't really exist in the way you refer to them. You are right.

If my sister had a penis she would be my brother.

The idea that the Mexican government at the time was anything other than a racist disaster ( Spaniards born in Spain at the top, Spaniards born in Mexico underneath them, Mestizos(mixed Spaniard and Indian) under them and then the "Pure Natives" as a slave class underneath everyone else- is a joke.

The idea that the native populations of California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Mexico, Texas etc... represented any form of unified culture is just not so-many of them were at each others throats.

Different languages, geographic ranges, ways of life etc...prevented that from happening. The idea of Native American cultural homogeny is very limited-especially when talking about what the US stole from Mexico.

I can guarantee you that nobody "Mexican", "Native American" or "White" wanted to see a Comanche show up anywhere.

Also, the idea the native populations of the land stolen from the Mexicans would have faired better under the Mexican government at the time seems, given the history of the Spanish in the new world and that government's policies at the time, ridiculous.

Read about Santa Ana's treatment of native populations and then get back to me.

By the way, I don't agree with the Arizona Policy and think it is racist and counter productive.

HelloDollyLlama said...

Arguing that the Mexican culture was as racist, and as heterogenous, as ours was, doesn't change the facts unfortunately.