Monday, 3 May 2010

Big bad federal gummint identifies bomber in two days

And in two minutes, the wingnuts will start screaming that Big Bad Gummint is depriving him of his rights....

**UPDATE** -- Boy was I wrong! Now the wingnuts are complaining because Obama didn't deprive him of his rights. They are complaining that this U.S. citizen was actually Mirandized. Do these yuckapucks not understand that if we don't Mirandize them, then we lose a big pile of testimony and evidence under the poisoned-fruit doctrine? Do they understand that eventually we're going to need to start living up to that freedom and justice stuff, and actually put people on trial instead of torturing and killing them? Isn't that distinction a key reason why we removed Saddam from power?

That's the thing with Republican illogic -- it can go in any direction. When you're not tethered to reality, you can slam Obama for adhering to the rules too much, or not enough, or even both, all at the same time.

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