Sunday 2 May 2010

the myth of the nonpartisan populist teabagger, exposed

The teabaggers keep saying they are non-partisan populists who want to protect the little guy from the Big Boys who are jeopardizing their economic future – the want accountability for the fat cats who wrecked the economy on Wall Street, and so forth.

So they should support the financial reform bill, right?

Um, no.

Bob Corker, Republican Senator from Tennessee, made the terrible mistake of talking to the Democrats about their finance bill. Corker didn’t even support it – all he did was talk to the Dems about it.

What did the teabaggers do? They phonebanked Corker, carpet-bombing him with phone calls condemning him for even talking to a Democrat.

Thus exploding the myth that these tea party clowns are nonpartisan defenders of the little guy. They are Republicans hell-bent on destroying Democrats and defending their corporate paymasters.

And this is course is why the teabaggers protested, when Obama wanted to defend the common man from abuse by insurance companies. And why they protested against Obama for doing a lot of the same things Bush did. And why they protested even though Obama gave them a tax cut. And why they take their orders from the former Republican House Majority Leader.

Bob Corker is no liberal sissy. Rough tough construction company guy, multi-millionaire, ran a racist campaign ad against Harold Ford, hard-core supporter of the Iraq war, opposed the stimulus and the bailouts, filibustered unemployment benefits….Rock solid Republican. But he could be the latest hard-core conservative to be targeted by the wingnuts for not being wingnutty enough.

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