Sunday 2 May 2010

Oil slick! We need Big Gummint!

Gee, the wingnuts are cracking down on Obama, to bring Big Gummint in and whup up on those big bad oil companies. Clearly their sense of irony sharp as it ever is.

As the Washington Monthly correctly pointed out, Obama had the Navy and Coast Guard out there immediately, and already more than a dozen agencies are busting their butts on this -- seems like half his cabinet is down there already. But they're not magicians. Blaming the fireman (Obama) instead of the arsonist (BP) is intellectually dishonest, which is of course why the Republicans will embrace the strategy enthusiastically.

And Obama is not the president who approved the rig or the oversight plan thereof. Seems to me like the only thing Obama did wrong, was to trust BP and Haliburton not to lie about what was going on in the Gulf. I don’t expect he’s going to do that again.

This makes it easier to decide whether to push immigration reform – which unites Democrats and divides Republicans – or energy legislation – which splits Democrats and unites Republicans.

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