Wednesday 18 November 2009

Reid openly threatens Blue Dogs with reconciliation

Reid warned the Blue Dogs that if they join the Republicans at any stage in the process, he can still use reconciliation.

Ben Nelson is hinting that he will at least allow debate on the bill to begin. “Why would you stop senators from doing the job they're elected to do--debate, consider amendments, and take action on an issue affecting every American?” Actually he is motivated not by love of the democratic process but by fear: he acknowledged that if anyone blocked the bill, Reid would go with reconciliation and the bill would be even more liberal than it would be otherwise.

Landrieu says she will read the bill but says also that “we’re moving in the right direction”. She wants to improve it on the floor. The things she says she wants are doable – low cost, preventing the destruction of private insurance etc. So she is probably a "yes" vote at least for opening the debate.

Lieberman will probably allow the debate, at least. Still waiting to hear from Lincoln.

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