Thursday 5 November 2009

The GOP surrender to the wingnuts continues

The recent brouhaha in New York has exposed the split between the Republican establishment and the wingnuts, and the wingnuts are winning. One after another, frightened members of the party establishment are surrendering and joining the teabaggers: not just the rightwingers like Palin and Rush, but moderate folks like Giuliani.

New defections: Michael Steele, who was trying to hold the line against the wingnuts and prop up Scozzafava in NY 23, is a changed man, telling those nasty centrist Republicans "we'll come after you…I don't need you to identify as a Republican. I need you to identify as a conservative. We are the conservative party."

Charlie Crist, who is now being attacked in CFG ads, is running scared, denying he ever supported Obama’s stimulus package.

Mike Pence has sided with the wingnuts too. He is even urging the entirely-unqualified Hoffman to run again in 2010 for NY 23. Please please please do!

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