Thursday 5 November 2009

GOP caught blocking veterans' benefits

They are blocking health reform -- GOP representative Paul Ryan is bragging that he thinks the GOP can drag the debate on health reform into 2010. They are blocking judicial appointments, right after condemning such tactics. They have blocked the nomination of the Secretary of Health and are still blocking the surgeon general, right in the middle of the swine flu crisis. And they blocked unemployment benefits, just in time for the holidays. And the GOP has now been busted for obstruction tactics again.

A Senator put an anonymous hold on a bill for veterans benefits, and now the Senator has been outed: Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. This is the third time Coburn has blocked funding for veterans benefits. Even the American Legion is screaming about this – I guess they’re a bunch of Marxist traitors too. Also the VFW, DAV, Purple Heart recipients…Just imagine the Democratic campaign ad for 2010, reeling off all of the popular, necessary congressional actions which the Republicans have blocked just for the childish, sadistic fun of it.

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