Sunday 1 November 2009

Abdullah wipes out another GOP talking point

For weeks Republicans have been trying to peddle the notion that Obama is soft on national security and on supporting the troops because he isn’t caving to the demands of General McCrystal to send a gigantic new contigent to Afghanistan before we even have a strategy. Already the GOP was having trouble with this line of attack: recent polling shows the American people actually want Obama to go slow on expanded deployments (58-37 in a poll). And now Karzai’s presidential challenger showed exactly why we must go slow: by pulling out of the election runoff and implying that the election will be a huge fraud, he is demonstrating exactly why we must wait to see what kind of government we’re propping up in Kabul.

So Cheney’s claim that Obama was “dithering” was a lie. And Cheney was proved a liar again when a new intelligence committee report showed that Pelosi had been right about the CIA after all – the CIA lied to Congress.

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