Sunday 1 November 2009

Crazy rightwing cop intimidating his political opponents

Down in the southwest, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the anti-immigration nut, is facing an FBI investigation for abusing his power by arresting and intimidating people who dare to question his actions, using his power and the guns of his deputies to settle political scores. He is taking aim at a mayor, a police chief, a state attorney general, the county board of supervisors, a county manager, and a superior court judge. One U.S. attorney said he’d never seen anything like it. The sheriff and his deputies are demanding the mayor’s email and calendars, raiding city hall, and harassing and smearing politicians with “investigations” that never lead to convictions. A county supervisor who called for an audit of the sheriff’s budget was charged with 200 counts of nonsense which are being dismissed in gigantic numbers.

Another reactionary wingnut with a gun.

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