Sunday 8 November 2009

another insane investigation by Lieberman

Lieberman intends to use his Senatorial power, not only to investigate Obama's non-existent czars, but also to investigate the Fort Hood massacre as a terrorist attack. Add that to his renewed threat to filibuster health care....Only two possibly conclusions here: either he's daring Reid to punish him by tossing him out of his committee chair, to make Reid look bad, or he's planning to switch parties, and to do so at the most inconvenient time for Obama, i.e. right in the middle of the Senate health reform vote.

So who is he trying to shit all over, Reid, or Obama? Or both?

Time to shove the Senate Rules up his ass and get the reconciliation process going. In addition to moving health reform swiftly to the finish line, it will also render this attention-hog putz instantly irrelevant.

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