Thursday 8 October 2009

Wingnuts demand impeachment!

The World Net Daily demands Obama’s impeachment – “high crimes and misdemeanors' does not refer to a criminal act…Our Founding Fathers fully intended to allow for the removal of the president for actions which include: gross incompetence, negligence and distasteful behavior….For those who mistakenly hold the illusion that impeaching Barack Hussein Obama would be a simple matter of 'playing politics,' the founders fully intended that the impeachment of a sitting president be a political act."

Okay, let me write up the Article of Impeachment against Obama: violating Congress’s prerogatives by lying to them to get us into a war, blackmailing them into funding unnecessary troop deployments, defying subpoenas, using illegal signing statements and administrative actions, perverting the executive branch into a partisan political weapon, illegally prosecuting opposition politicians and firing opposition attorneys, directing government offices to spread dishonest political propaganda, failing to uphold Article II responsibilities by keeping or financial system safe or enforcing product safety laws, sending thugs to disrupt officials from counting votes while screaming “don’t count the votes!”, trying to convert the Vice Presidency into a fourth branch of government with no oversight, violating the prerogatives of the courts by defying orders to preserve emails and concealing evidence, illegal spying and secret prisons and torture, and keeping innocent people behind bars indefinitely.

Oh, wait, sorry, that was the Article against Bush. I’m a big silly!

Going back to the original Wingnut Daily quote, the “does not refer to a criminal act” bit is an admission that Obama didn’t really commit a “high crime” or any other kind of crime; too bad they had no explanation for how they were going to persuade Pelosi and the House Democrats to impeach, and then the Senate Democrats to convict, for “crimes” as yet unspecified.

But they’re wussies anyway. Their partners at Newsmax are calling for Obama’s violent overthrow, to “resolve” the “Obama problem” (I think the term they were looking for was “final solution”). And of course others are calling for outright assassination. Amazing.

Elsewhere on Planet Wingnut -- while we were all paying attention to the 30 Republican Senators who wanted to deny rape victims the right to take their case to court, and the Republican politicians screeching that Pelosi is an enemy of the Constitution who needs to be put in her place, we all missed the new Oklahoma law which will now mandate publicizing personal details about abortion patients on a website. The website won’t have the name, but patients will be forced to reveal the date, county, age, marital status, race, years of education, previous pregnancies, previous abortions – all which, taken together, wouldn’t make it all that hard for women to be identified, particularly in small towns. Just another effort to terrorize women, using taxpayer money.

The White House is finally beginning to lose patience not only with the wingnuts but their cowardly enablers. After watching the mainstream media report the wingnut garbage as straight new – dead grandmothers, brainwashing schoolchildren, the evil czars – the White House is escalating. Instead of just shooting down the lies, the White House is now going to smack down media outlets that out-and-out lie, or don’t bother to check their facts. "The best analogy is probably baseball," Gibbs said. "The only way to get somebody to stop crowding the plate is to throw a fastball at them. They move." This may have been prompted in part by the NY Times effort to “tune in” more to wingnut “buzz” stories – sexy is better than accurate, right?

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