Friday, 30 October 2009

It’s official: the conservative movement is splitting into two parties

The Republicans are screeching that the likely McDonnell win in Virginia is a referendum on Obama – neatly ignoring the fact that (a) Virginia has been a red state in almost every election for the last half-century, and (b) in the same election the Republicans are likely to lose in New Jersey and collapsing into a bloody civil war in New York . Even more terrifying for Republicans, now that the teabaggers have turned the NY race upside down and hurt the GOP nominee, other teabag candidates elsewhere in America are thinking about attacking Republicans from the right. Bradley Rees in Virginia and Don Ryon in Ohio are running on the Conservative Party ticket just as the NY candidate did (Ryon is targeting a pro-choice Republican like the guy in NY). Another teabag candidate may soon pop up in Alabama. Watch for more “Conservative Party” eruptions in 2010.

Meanwhile Republicans are staring slack-jawed at Obama’s accomplishments, just from this week -- extending HIV treatment, lifting the HV travel ban, hate crimes legislation, stopping unnecessary boondoggle military programs, causing the first jump n GDP growth in two years, saving around close to a million direct and indirect jobs via the stimulus, public-option bills announced in both Houses, improving intelligence oversight, stopping abstinence-only funding, smart grid technology (thanks, Cesca!).

Also the birthers got seriously spanked in a California court. The judge not only dismissed the suit claiming that Obama was occupying the presidency illegally, but he also pointed out that no court can rule on the issue since only Congress can remove a sitting president. The judge also slammed the plaintiffs for flinging treason charges at the other judges who ruled similarly.

And a new poll shows that a huge majority of Americans – 58-18 – blames Bush, not Obama, for the recession. The source: Fox! Ouch!

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