Monday 12 October 2009

The wingnuts are still pushing the GOP further to the right

The teabaggers are starting to attack the establishment Republicans from the right, setting up primary challenges against incumbents. We hate taxes, government, the stimulus, the bailout, TARP, Obama, Charlie Crist etc etc.

So the hard-core wingnuts really believe that America will swallow the Reagan snake oil once more, and are pushing the party even further to the right, to ensure that that snake oil is what the GOP is selling.

This ensures that the GOP will do poorly in 2010, and then nominate some loon like Palin or Huckleberry in 2012 and go down in a historical asskicking. Obama, arguably the best Democratic strategist in decades, will win more than 40 states if the other team has nothing to offer but reheated Reaganomics, more obstruction, and more scary escalate-in-Afghanistan-and-Iran gibberish.

So I’m kinda liking this wingnut strategy.

The wingnuts have even slammed Bush, McCain and Huntsman for insufficient dedication to the wingnut ideal. Onward, onward, onward to the right, as far right as you can!

On a related note -- funny how the Gods of the right become progressively more crazy. Drudge, then Rush, then Beck, then who?

The most extraordinary thing – Rush Limbaugh, the true leader of the GOP, tacitly acknowledged his exalted status by admonishing Michael Steele for going off-message.

If this continues to be a race to the right, the GOP is doomed.

And a bonus report -- the big wingnut website, Redstate, has now compared White House adviser Linda Douglas with Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister who propagated Hitler’s lies and organized Kristallnacht which killed Jews and destroyed their businesses. He also claims that the Olympics were given to Hitler but not Obama – untrue since the 1936 Olympics were awarded before Hitler too power.

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