Saturday 24 October 2009

Republican chaos

Mike Savage is squabbling with Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs is squabbling with John Stossel…All we need now is for Rush and Sean to go at it, and we can just sit down with the popcorn and watch!

This, the leadership of your Republican party.

The latest CNN poll says the Republican party has the lowest approvals since the Clinton impeachment 11 years ago. New Gingrich is whining that the recent ABC poll, which showed that only 20 percent of Americans support the Republicans, must have been “deliberately rigged”. Too bad for him that the CBS poll had it at 22, AP 21, Ipsos 19, Gallup 27, Pew 23, and the ultra-communist Wall Street Journal 18. What this means is that the Republicans have failed both ways: they haven’t brought down Obama, and they haven’t improved their own numbers either.

Even the Wall Street Journal is saying that Republicans who pray for salvation in 2010 should take a good hard look at their sorry-ass performance in that special election in New York.

As Media Matters pointed out, the winguttery is not stopping, or even slowing down: GOP congress members joking about hunting liberal Democrats with their guns, shooting at targets with the initials of Democratic politicians on them, hollering about House leaders bludgeoning opponents to death, talking openly about a coup against Obama, talking about a revolution in America, calling on citizens to bring guns to Obama events, making jokes about lynching Democrats, hanging Democrats in effigy, calling on conservatives to slit their wrists and become blood brothers, speaking out in favor of a political “Project Mayhem” referring to terrorists blowing up banks, calling for citizens to be armed and dangerous…

And my favourite: wingnuts want to boycott the NFL for being mean to Rush Limbaugh. Swear to God.

Republicans are becoming more overt in their fear of the wingnut movement they created: fear that the wingnuts are making the party look like Nazis (which is justified by the polls), and fear that the wingnuts could, Frankenstein-like, turn on their creators (a fear which is justified by the fiasco in the upstate New York race). Months ago Republicans hoped to capitalize on the wingnuts, and on public fears of Obama, but now it’s the GOP rather than Obama which has the image problems, and the whole notion of mainstream Republicans trying to harness the wingnuts sounds kinda scary.

More Republicans are starting to sound the alarm, about all this chaos. “Unfortunately, I see a lot of Republicans simply involved in political games,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said. “The Republican leadership in the House right now is constantly trying to play a political game to get a headline, and I don’t think that is going to take us anywhere. Most of our Republican friends, they’re only interested in the next couple days’ worth of headlines, rather than what they’re doing and the impact it’s going to have in the long run. I think that Republicans should be more focused on the long term rather than short-term headlines. You have to convince people that you’re serious, and by doing that you talk about your long-term alternatives and what you’re doing. The Republicans need to make sure that the public knows that we are not just in opposition, but we also have very creative alternatives to the horrible things the Democrats are trying to accomplish. I don’t think we’ve put out enough on that.”

And the Republicans regularly afford opportunities to expose their hypocrisy. Republicans like Boehner want Obama to handle Afghanistan the way Bush did in Iraq – figure out the manning first and the strategy second, which is stupid – forgetting that even Bush took months to launch the surge in Iraq. And the Democratic Party helpfully drafted a list of Republicans who bitterly opposed the stimulus package, and then took credit for getting the money. Guess how many? Sixty-seven.

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