Friday 9 October 2009

But Obama didn't ACCOMPLISH anything!!!

Peace Prize winners who didn’t earn it --

So the argument of the wingnuts is that Obama hasn’t COMPLETED his international efforts on arms control, Middle east peace, disengaging in Iraq, outreach to Muslims, climate change, diplomacy, and ending illegal kidnapping, torture and other war crimes.

So let’s look at the other Peace Prize laureates who didn’t actually COMPLETE the efforts they won the award for. There’s only one or two, right?

Well, count for yourselves.

1910, the International Peace Bureau, for their peace efforts. Four years later, WWI broke out.

Woodrow Wilson, for the League of Nations which collapsed, and the Versailles Treaty which was thrown in the trash by Hitler.

Aristide Briand and Frank Kellogg, for drafting the Briand-Kellogg international peace pact “outlawing” war. Ten years later: WWII.

Nicholas Murray Butler, promoter of the Briand-Kellogg pact, see above.

Arthur Henderson for not disarming Europe – in 1932.

Carlos Saavedra Lamas, head of the League of Nations, see above.

Cecil Chetwood, for not preventing world war, in 1937.

Ralph Bunche, mediator in Palestine – in 1950. No problems since then, right?

UN High Commissioner on Refugees, TWO awards for not solving the refugee problem, 1954 and 1981.

Lester Pearson, for not solving the Middle East problem, 1957.

Philip Noel-Baker, for not achieving international peace, 1959.

Linus Pauling, 1962, for not stopping nuclear testing.

Martin Luther King, 1964, before any of Johnson’s civil rights acts had been signed.

Norman Borlaug for not ending world hunger.

Willy Brandt for West Germany palling up with the Soviets who eventually collapsed.

Kissinger – sorry, giving this guy a peace prize for anything….Hahahahahahaha.

Andrei Sakharov 1975, for fighting Soviet totalitarianism, which didn’t end for another 16 years.

Sadat and Begin for not achieving Middle East peace.

Mother Teresa – her whole career was works in progress.

Lech Walesa for freeing Poland – only he didn’t. That happened years later.

Desmond Tutu for freeing South Africa – didn’t happen for ten years.

Dalai Llama for not freeing Tibet.

Aung San Suu Kyi for not freeing Burma.

Yasser Arafat, former terrorist, for Middle East peace, speaks for itself.

Jody Williams for not banning land mines.

Kim Dae Jung for not achieving reconciliation between North and South Korea.

The UN for not achieving world peace.

The IAEA for stopping people like the Iranians from building nukes? Hahahahahaha.

Al Gore for not solving the climate change problem.

Which takes us back to the fundamental question: if Obama's EFFORTS didn't warrant the Peace Prize, who else did, this year?

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