Friday 16 October 2009

The GOP’s really bad week

Where, oh where do I begin?

A new focus-group study has been released, a study of the voters in the Republican base. They really do hate hate hate Obama. They believe that Obama has a secret agenda to lie to the American people so he can deliberately damage and bankrupt the country, destroy the country’s founding principles, take away our freedoms, and expand government into a socialist model. Interestingly they like Beck more than Rush, and they fear that Beck and his staff are at personal danger because of his bravery and honesty. Neatly enough, these people who are outraged at the alleged liberal worship of Obama “the Messiah” were the same drooling idiots who ejaculated into their overalls whenever their Messiah, Reagan, favored them with a TV appearance; they still worship him in death like Jesus.

For 2010 races, the GOP wants to attract moderates, but the effort is alienating the party base. Some candidates who were specially selected by the party are now being undermined by the teabaggers – in some cases teabag candidates have launched third-party runs and are outperforming the mainstream party choices. The intra-party squabbling is costing the party money, hurting registration, and helping Democrats to pull ahead in key races. So the Republicans will become harder to deal with on the Hill (as they tack to the right to mollify the base) but then easier to beat in the voting booth. They have no one but themselves to blame – they worked for years to drive the party to the right, and now they’re surprised that the rest of the party (and the country) didn’t follow. GOP leaders are becoming more vocal in their concern: Bill Frist admitted that the birthers are a problem for the GOP and they need to be brought down to earth; Linsey Graham told them to knock the crap off. The dream scenario is for the wingnuts to split off from the GOP and form their own party: the Democrats will never lose again.

A new R2K poll measures the popularity of Obama but also other top leaders and the parties themselves. Ignore the top-line data -- we all know that the poll numbers for Obama are rising, Boehner is down to 13 percent, McConnell 17 – because the important data is at the bottom: support for the GOP outside the South is down to 9.3 percent.

A separate poll shows that Palin’s numbers are at an all-time low.

The GOP’s new website launch was a disaster. Laughter across the country.

Four Congressional wingnuts have been laughed off of Capitol Hill, for screeching that interns of Middle Eastern descent working on Capitol Hill are actually terrorist spies.

Michael Steele, who never misses a chance to put his foot in his mouth, promised to be the cow on the tracks who was going to stop the health-reform train, the kind of metaphor that only Wile E. Coyote could love. Moooooooooo!

A Boehner staffer was forced to admit that Boehner had goofed when he said he’d never heard anybody in Ohio say they like the public option.

Romney was ridiculed for screeching that the public option would absolutely be “death” across the country.

Likewise Grassley was hollering that health care reform – which hasn’t even been finalized yet – might be unconstitutional, which betrays a staggering ignorance of Article I Section VIII of the Constitution (he seems to forget that such objections didn’t stop Social Security, Medicare or the VA). A new poll shows that Grassley, after blocking health reform all summer, now has a much tighter reelection race than he had before.

Rove is whining that Bush never rejected requests by Afghanistan commanders for more troops. Gee, anything wrong with this? First, Obama hasn’t rejected anything yet. Second, Bush did reject some requests. Third, it’s the President’s call, not the commanders. Fourth, when, in 5000 years of recorded military history, has a commander ever asked for FEWER troops? That would be…never.
The neocons are trying to game the system, by demanding 100,000 new troops, to make an increase of 40,000 sound like the reasonable middle option – the Fallacy of the False Choice.

GOP republicans block extension of unemployment benefits. Just in time for Christmas!

A Louisiana judge was nailed for denying an inter-racial couple a marriage license – an action ruled unconstitutional 40 years ago.

The GOP has been busted for lying about Obama education adviser Kevin Jennings, because he’s gay. They claim he ignores the sexual abuse of children. They’ve already been debunked.

Republican Senator Richard Burr publicly browbeat a legal expert who dared to question the right of insurance companies to treat being victimized by domestic violence as a preexisting condition. Getting clubbed over the head by your husband can cause you to lose your health coverage.

But that’s okay, because Rush will win back the women for the GOP!..Rush and the rest of the lunatic fringe are launching sexist attacks at Snowe and Collins – all because Snowe dared to vote for the Baucus bill, and Collins did…um, nothing at all. “Women, damn it!...Stupid girl…Jezebel stabbed America in the back”. Limbaugh describes Snowe’s supports as castrati, just as he did for supporters of Hillary.

The “lawyer” leading the birther charge, Orly Taitz, was fined $20,000 for misconduct; she responded by calling the judge delusional and corrupt. Somebody’s going to jail..!

The GOP spin machine has thrown a rod. Their laughable effort to spin the Nobel Peace Prize as a bad thing for Obama was laughed out of town, and Obama even got a Nobel bounce in the latest Gallup. Undeterred, they are trying to spin the rise of the Dow to 10,000: after spending weeks in the spring, blaming Obama for the drop in the Dow, they are now referring to the rise in the Dow as the “Bush recovery”. So apparently all downward movement is Obama’s fault, but all upward movement is credited to the ex-president who is now back in Crawford eating Cheetos and watching the Longhorns.

Limbaugh’s effort to buy the Rams was laughed out of the room by NFL executives who are almost all Republicans. Ouch!

Beck went into another of his raving crying fits when a White House staffer had the temerity to quote Mao Zedong to the tune of "You fight your war, and I'll fight mine." Beck claims the staffer has a hero-worship for as mass murderer!! I guess he was asleep when Bush 43, McCain and Ralph Reed also cited Mao.

Conservative CNN “commentator” Alex Castellanos was outed as a shill for the insurance industry.

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