Monday 19 October 2009

GOP loses one-sixth of its support in one year!

The Republicans and the wingnuts launched a massive national campaign to win people back to the GOP banner, by trying to smear Obama, bury him with lies, overwhelm him with wingnut attacks on a thousand fronts, and bury him in their bullcrap. Did they win people back? Um, no. According to the latest Gallup poll, support for the GOP has actually dropped from 27 percent in January to 22.5 today – WOW! -- and the Democrats have now widened their lead over the GOP to 11.2 percent. Even worse for the GOP, most of their support is crammed into the southern states: other polling shows that outside the South, support for the GOP isn’t at 22, it’s at NINE. Once you get outside the Confederacy, the GOP is about as popular as rectal cancer. They have completely emptied out the Toolkit Of Crazy, the teabaggers dressed as Betsy Ross, the lies, the smears, the attacks, the birthers, the deathers, the tenthers – all that, and they actually lost ground. So what does that leave them? Pray for a miracle, or prepare for extinction, like the Whigs and the Know-Nothings.

Whoops, this just in! The ABC poll says support for the GOP is down to 20 percent. So...27 down to 20. Yikes!

The Pennsylvania GOP is making the entire national party look even more foolish, by running an ad implying that Obama is a Communist.

Rasmussen actually managed to give us some insight into the GOP race for 2012. They detected a shift in the wingnut vote from Palin to Huckabee. This is excellent news for the Democrats, because it increases the probability that the wingnut voters, rather than splitting their votes between Palin and Huckabee, will line up behind a single candidate, Huckabee, and use that unity to wipe out the relative moderates like Pawlenty and Romney. This is turn gives Obama an easy wingnut opponent, and an easy reelection victory.

Come on, girls, time to grow up and grab a mop.

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