Friday 9 November 2012

Traditional America is dead!

Currently people like Rush Limbaugh are lamenting the death of “traditional America”. Well, why should we mourn? A century ago, women couldn’t vote, blacks could be murdered with impunity, Latinos were invisible, and gays were criminals; there was no Social Security or Medicare; the utilities refused to give rural America electricity; a woman’s life expectancy was 51 years. They have country songs about these “good old days”: in these “good old days” we endured a Depression, several recessions, two world wars, Korea and Vietnam, McCarthy, Watergate, the terror of the Cold War, but that was okay, because white men were still running the show, right? Whenever these circus clowns say the word “traditional”, translate it to “white”. The soul of Rush Limbaugh is the soul of every mob of “traditional” illiterate Know-Nothing bullies who ever waited at the New York docks to beat up the new Irish immigrants, then the Italians, then the Poles, then the Puerto Ricans….

“Take America back!”….from the scary black guy. Because America, and all it represents, belongs to white people. All those other people are just here on sufferance. To be seen and not heard.

“Let’s secede!” Some Texas Republicans are sounding the tocsin already. In other words, we only like democracy when we win. When we lose, we want to run away from home.


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