Saturday 10 November 2012

The ghost of Harry Truman haunting Romney

I was just reading about Truman’s victory over Dewey in 1948. Truman was the underdog, and his internal monologue went something like this.

“While I’m campaigning, all I have to do in my spare time is deal with an obstructive Congress, overcome a split in the Democratic party, set up the Defense Department and the CIA, rebuild the White House, labor strikes, inflation, civil rights, NATO, desegregate the Army, the Marshall Plan, the UN, contain communism, the Berlin airlift, Israel, the atomic bomb. No sweat!”

Imagine Romney’s internal monologue in the last week of the election.

“I can be honest and lose this race by an inch, or lie like crazy and win by an inch. So my plan is to exploit the misery of others by staging fake Sandy rallies, evade hard questions on rape and FEMA, get my governor buddies to suppress the vote, lie to voters about voting rules, and bury the country in ads lying about Medicare, Benghazi, Jeep and welfare. You didn’t build that!! The Democrats loved me in Boston! I lied all year, why stop? I lied twenty seven times in the first debate and gained ground in the polls! If I lie over and over now, it will be too late for anyone to catch me at it, before election day. And Obama’s wasting time with silly stuff like making sure the little peepul in New Jersey get food and water and don’t drown – what a sucker!”

Yep, that’s what leadership looks like!

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