Saturday 17 November 2012

Freak out Republicans with The Gay

Want to make the Republicans totally freak out?

Make Tammy Baldwin the president pro tempore of the Senate, when she takes office in January.

If tragedy strikes, and Obama, Biden and Boehner all die, we will have the first gay president.

Or rather, the first openly gay president. The jury is still out on James Buchanan.

Can you imagine Sean and Rush and Michelle Bachmann and Pat Robertson and the Westboro boys, faced with the prospect of a gay president?

Better yet? Win the House back in 2014 and appoint Kyrsten Sinema Speaker – a bisexual woman two heartbeats away from the Oval Office. And then have her marry Baldwin on the Senate floor.

Because we know gay people give Republicans the heebie jeebies. One of our greatest pleasures was watching Republicans screw themselves into the ceiling any time Barney Frank dared to speak out on anything. This seventy-year-old gay Jew chatting amiably about his boyfriend. Ewww! Cooties!

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