Tuesday 11 December 2012

Death and destruction on the radio

Those two radio hosts, the ones who made the prank call to Princess Kate’s hospital that led to the nurse’s death, have already been pulled off the air indefinitely. In this case, one woman died.

So what should America do with a radio personality who championed a fraudulent war that caused a hundred thousand deaths, cheered at George Bush’s torture policy, helped cripple Obamacare which will put the health of millions in jeopardy, drove the Republican party so far to the right that they’re practically sieg-heiling each other on the street, and spent twenty four years spewing hate against blacks, women, gays and Democrats all across America?

Back in the day, American publishers and broadcasters would take responsibility for their content. So why have Rush Limbaugh’s bosses left him on the air? Haven’t you guys done enough damage, offering Rush’s noise pollution for free to all those stations in the E-I-E-I-O states, in exchange for cheap advertising? Is it worth selling your soul, to sell another million tubes of Gold Bond Medicated Powder to eighty-year-old Nazis with jock rash? How much dirty money is enough for you? The hundred companies that pulled advertising from Rush’s show after he called that law student a prostitute: didn’t that teach you guys anything? Did your business model include polluting the national community with garbage from the beginning, or did you just develop that as you went along?

You broadcast this garbage, and you own it. The first amendment confers great power upon broadcasters, and "journalists" like Rush. With great power comes great responsibility. Clearly Rush has no sense of responsibility. So it's up to the bosses who have made money off of his three hours of political vomit every day.


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