Saturday, 22 December 2012

Good guys with guns!

Let me tell you about a place protected by good men with guns.

This is an incredibly safe place.

This is a place with 30,000 people in it. Men and women sworn to protect the innocent and preserve our country and our way of life.

This is a place with an incredible array of concentric rings of security, gates, guards, badges and passes, the works. All of it supplemented by heavy weaponry, also manned by good men.

Very, very safe.

The place I’m referring to is Fort Hood.

Of course the population is only 29,987 because a crazy man shot the place up and killed thirteen people.

If 30,000 armed people can’t stop a psycho massacre, then one county cop isn’t going to stop one at your local middle school, either. There have been other shootings at schools, and in a number of cases, including the Columbine shooting, they already had security people there.

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