Wednesday 12 December 2012

Resistance is futile!

In 2009 I wrote this: “Obama was put in the White House by 40 humans, and one space alien. Seven of Nine, a member of the Borg Collective, came to earth and, as Jeri Ryan, married Jack Ryan, an Illinois politician. Their ensuing divorce battle derailed Jack's Senate campaign, thus making the impossible possible -- the election of an unknown young black guy, Barack Obama, to the Senate. Thus beginning Obama's march to the White House.”

Star Trek may have struck again. In 1991, the same year the actress Jeri Ryan began her fateful marriage, a beautiful young girl named Ashley launched her acting career, also on Star Trek, playing young Wesley’s girlfriend. Now 44, same age as Ryan, Ashley Judd has been working for years as a global ambassador on humanitarian issues and she has also picked up a Masters from Harvard. And she may be the one to slay the most dangerous Republican dragon of all: Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky.

McConnell richly deserves to be defenestrated out of the Senate. The King of Filibusters has done more than any American in a century to destroy Congress as a legislative body, and to foul up the proper functioning of government and politics in this country. Since 1985 he has sponsored no legislation of any consequence, on his own: his raison d’etre is blocking the work of others. Recently he even filibustered his own bill. He has made it clear for years that his aim in life is to attack America’s Democrats, rather than attacking America’s problems.

And he’s ripe for plucking. He came to the Senate without having much more experience than Judd has. After being bounced out of the army for medical reasons he worked as an intern and then was picked to be county executive for the county that includes Louisville, but he wasn’t allowed to run Louisville itself. In other words anything important was left to someone else, with leadership ability. He has made as much as $44 million as a Senator, which no honest politician could possibly do; unsurprisingly he is a bitter opponent of campaign finance reform. And even in Kentucky he is wearing out his welcome: in his 2008 reelection race he only won by 6 points, in a state Obama just lost by 22.

Next up: Tasha Yar for Governor!

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