Sunday 9 December 2012

Call out GOP liars and get shunned by the media

Great article from Dan Froomkin on the media’s weak performance in the 2012 election.

Norman Ornstein is a superb political analyst and historian. Earlier he wrote an essay pointing out what everyone knows but no one has the guts to say: that Republicans in 2012 adopted a strategy of lying as much as they possibly could for political advantage, because the media, fearing accusations of bias and the loss of advertisers, would continue to peddle the false equivalency of asserting that both parties lie equally. Even the self-appointed truth-tellers, newspaper ombudsmen and fact-checkers, fell into the trap of refusing to call out lying Republicans too often, for fear that they would be accused of bias.

Not only did the essay have no positive impact, Ornstein and his co-author are being shunned. Newspapers no longer use Ornstein and his pal as nonpartisan sources because they are obviously biased, and the Sunday talk shows will only try to book them if they can counterbalance them with a Republican speaker – as though “Truth” and “Republican” are opposing philosophies.

Which, of course, they are.

So…anyone who points out that Republicans lie more than Democrats….must be lying?

What a world.

As I pointed out earlier, if the media had done their jobs in 2008 and 2012, pointing out the cataract of lies that underpinned those two Republican campaigns, Obama would have won by even larger margins. And the Democrats would still have the House, too.


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