Thursday 4 June 2009

Wingnuts targeting two more doctors for murder?

Fox contributor Jill Stanek has put the pictures and addresses of two doctors on the web, so any "lone wolves" can exercise a little frontier justice.

The whole point of this is terror: terrorize the doctors and patients with the threat that their "evil deeds" will be put on the internet, so that any wingnut with a gun can target them. The aim is to scare doctors away so that they stop offering services -- which is the whole point. Why make abortion illegal if you can make it impossible, through a terror campaign?

You know, when terrorists actually work out in the open like that, why aren't they being incarcerated? Is it sheer gutlessness on the part of the law? We do know that anti-abortion vigilantes have been operating and terrorizing with impunity for eight years, since Bush refused to enforce the law protecting the doctors and patients from these terror tactics.

Obama must openly and publicly reverse this "open season" policy on physicians.

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