Monday 1 June 2009

Montanans spank Baucus for blocking health care

As we know, Senator Baucus is one of two Democrats dragging his feet on the issue of universal health care (UHC). Recently he got smacked around for it. By his constituents.

It was partly his own fault. He scheduled a bunch of town meetings with his constituents while the Senate wasn’t in session. And then he didn’t bother to show up! He sent a video of himself, and some staff pukes.

But in meeting after meeting, the voters gave the staffers an earful. They hate the employer-based health care which the staffers were praising; they are angry at Baucus for taking campaign money from insurers and for resisting single-payer health care; they rejected the staffers’ warnings that even the public option might not make it through the Senate, and the staffers finally admitted that Baucus was open to the public option.

Those flaming liberals of…Montana.

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