Monday 8 June 2009

Rasmussen pollsters cook the books to make Obama look bad

For quite some time now, the polls on Obama have been pretty stable. About a third of the country strongly agrees with him and his policies, another third agrees with him somewhat, hardly anybody mildly disagrees, and about a third really hates him.

I've been warning folks that the Rasmussen pollsters are Republicans who have a proven track record of skewing their results to favor Republicans and attack Democrats.

And now we have more proof.

Most pollsters add up the strongly-like and somewhat-like numbers to get a roughly 60 percent approval for Obama, and then add the mildly-dislike and strongly-dislike to get a 30 percent disapproval, and then give Obama a net approval/disapproval of 30, the way pollsters have been doing for decades.

But the Rasmussen people noticed that there is hardly anybody in the mildly-dislike category, so they are cooking the books to make Obama look bad. They are looking only at the strongly-like and strongly-dislike categories, ignoring all those folks in the middle who mildly like him. And then they are telling all their readers and customers that Obama's approval/disapproval score -- based only on the strongly-like and strongly-dislike score -- is an even split, and that the country is evenly divided about Obama.

Which is of course untrue. He is one of the most popular presidents in years.

So when you go out into the blogosphere and hear the Republicans screeching that Obama has a net approval/dsapproval of zero, check their source -- it is almost certain to be Rasmussen.

Liars quoting liars. The Republican way.

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