Sunday 6 October 2013

Questions for pro-lifers

So….if the “clear-cut” argument against abortion is that if kills something that is human and alive….
Sperm and ova are human and alive, and life doesn’t ever “begin” – at best, a new life, the embryo, is created from two already-living things, the sperm and ovum….
So are the women using contraception murderers too?
Is masturbation murder?
Is everyone who has non-vaginal sex a murderer?
People who use the rhythm method?
Is a condom a murder weapon?
Women who have hysterectomies, men who have vasectomies… mass murderers?
Actually, anyone undergoing a procedure ending in –ectomy is probably killing living tissue – appendectomies, tonsillectomies, murder?  
And of course mastectomy and other cancer surgery: cancer cells are human life!
Haircuts, shaving, trimming toenails, plastic surgery?
Not quite so clear-cut, is it?

Why do anti-abortion zealots insist that life begins at conception, when Genesis says life begins when you take your first breath? Leviticus 27 goes even further: it says life has no value before the infant is a month old.

So God kills a million living breathing innocent babies a year, but opposes abortion? When he had Noah build the Ark and hit the world with the flood, God killed every fetus on planet earth. Every one. Over a million children die from diarrhea alone, every year. And 260,000 die of AIDS. And 90,000 from cancer. Oh, and by the way, a pregnancy has one chance in five of ending in miscarriage; in other words, God has caused two billion abortions. Let us worship him!

Oh, and by the way, after killing all the fetuses in the Flood and prescribing abortion in Numbers, there's this, from Hosea, 13:16, "The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.” In other words, not only does God approve of abortion, he approves abortion on a large scale as an instrument of war. Large, large numbers of abortions, just as in the Flood. Authored by God, in the Bible. Do you people even read the Bible?

What if we introduced a constitutional amendment that a state can only have as many gun stores as it has abortion clinics?

If you want to stop abortion, why fight contraception too? Contraception would stop two thirds of all abortions. Or is this just another way to stick it to women because they don’t vote the way you like?

All you guys who hate abortion – why don’t you get vasectomies, or pledge to give up sex entirely? Or not pressure a woman into sex when neither of you is ready to be a parent? That would absolutely cut down the abortion rate. What if your wives decided that since you’ve banned abortion and contraception, their only alternative is abstinence? Say goodnight, Mister Happy!

If a newly fertilized ovum is a person….is an egg a chicken, too? Is an acorn a tree?

If conservatives want to stop the deaths of the unborn, why do they refuse to fight things that kill the unborn, such as poverty, poor nutrition, pollutants, lack of access to prenatal care, domestic violence, poor maternal health, and gun violence?

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