Saturday, 14 September 2013

So why is Facebook discriminating against gays and atheists?

Some questions we can all ask Team Zuckerberg…

When evangelicals set up whole groups and pages on Facebook, all dedicated to posting hate speech aimed at atheists, agnostics, gays, lesbians and bisexuals…why doesn’t Facebook shut them down? Why does Facebook software reject reports against those groups without even reading them?

When atheists and gays point out that we’re not, in fact, genocidal maniacs, that we’re not unnatural, that we’re not immoral, that we’re not trying to persecute anybody, that we’re not bloodthirsty pagans, that we’re not mentally ill, that we’re not on the warpath to destroy marriage or civilization, that we actually know the Bible as well as the people who are waving it in our faces…when we defend ourselves against this hate speech, why are we the ones who are blocked and banned?

Just look at all the hate-speech sites Facebook tolerates – Atheism Fails, Atheist Delusion, Liberals Are Sheep, Atheism on the Slide, entire sites slamming gays for wanting to marry….can you imagine what Facebook would do, if we built sites like Christians Are Deluded, Evangelicals Are Insane? How long do you think those sites would survive?

Why has Facebook determined that anti-gay hate speech isn’t hate, but defending yourself against hate is…hate?

When atheists and gays use the Bible itself to refute claims by evangelicals…why does Facebook call it hate speech?

When is Facebook going to recognize that atheists and gays have the same right to speak out against injustice, and to be protected against hate speech, as churchgoers?

The three worst offenders in this regard are sites called “1,000,000 Supporting Traditional Marriage”, “OMG America”, and “Conservative Daily”. All three sites post content which clearly violates the Facebook Terms Of Service regarding hate speech, regularly posting derogatory attacks against gays, atheists and anyone else they don’t like. But if you try to go there and challenge their dishonest attacks, you are likely to be “gang-banned” by their members – who file multiple reports against people they don’t like – and then tossed out of Facebook. “Conservative Daily” has a particularly sweet deal: they are getting such good protection from Zuckerberg that sometimes you need a special extra security scan before you’re allowed to even post on their site.

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