Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Proof: Republicans really are more primitive and backward than the rest of us

A long time ago, I wrote an article pointing out the obvious fact that the current crop of conservatives are driven by very primitive impulses. I specifically identified the amygdala, the primitive “lizard brain” element down in the human brain that processes fear and hate, flight-or-flight choices, aggression, panic, and oddly, binge-drinking. The point being, that there is a strong correlation between primitive thinking, the amygdala, and affiliation with the Republicans and conservatives.
And everybody ridiculed me.
And here we are with the data. University researchers monitored how Republicans and Democrats made decisions when playing gambling games. And the Republicans were all amygdala, amygala, amygdala. Democrats were more likely to use the more advanced portions of the brain.
So if you’ve watched the knuckle-draggers of the far right, screeching that rape isn’t really rape, that gays are bad and guns are good, that wimminfolk who want birth control are all sluts, that skeery brown people are The Debbil, that Jesus rode a dinosaur, and then asked yourself if Republicans really are less advanced and evolved than the rest of us, still trying to figure out how to use those opposable thumbs….now you have proof.

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